Healthy Treats and Snacks!

These are some that I love 🍖:

Sally Snacks – I’m a huge fan of Sally Snacks, it’s one of the healthiest treats I’ve come across. The one flavor I’ve tried and love is the New Zealand Venison with Tumeric and Black Pepper. It has quickly become one of my favorite treats and my mom loves it because it only contains four ingredients (venison, black pepper, tumeric, rosemary), and doesn’t contain any preservatives, sugar or fillers. Tumeric is also a great spice that helps with reducing inflammation and joint pains. I’m excited to try their new flavors like Chicken and Lamb!


Bully Sticks by Sancho & Lola’s – Healthy bully sticks are very hard to find. These ones are made in the USA with no additives and only one ingredient: beef. Bully sticks have helped me through teething and they also help keep my teeth clean.  It’s a much better option than rawhide which can be hard for dogs to digest.

I get the 12 inch ones and mom usually takes it away after I get half way through (saving the other half for later). These ones also don’t have much odor. Half a bully stick can easily keep my entertained for 30 mins!  They are a bit pricey but worth it!


Dehydrated Organic Chicken Feet by Sancho & Lola’s – I recently discovered chicken feet! It has become one of my favorite snacks. Chicken feet is an excellent source of glucosamine and also offers the benefit of naturally brushing your teeth while you chew on it. I get the large sized ones. I admit, they look a little creepy but they are delicious!


More to come…

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